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Default Re: How should Superman fight?

In terms of his physical combat style I wouldn't want him to fight like a martial artist but I do imagine a kind of like old-school fisticuffs combined with a solid knowledge of blocks and holds. I would say Superman's not really the type to use kicks a lot.

With his powers, he's usually trying to not do a lot of physical harm to the opponent if it can be helped, otherwise he'd just be burning everybody down with heat-vision. I will say though that various arguements for other characters being able to beat him usually come out of people conveniently forgetting that he has super-speed and flight which can be used at the same time. ..and that's before you even get into heat-vision.

A major aspect to be looked at is that Superman is going to be first and foremost interested in saving lives. If a fight starts in the street, he's gonna be doing everything he can to get it the hell out of there. Not to say you can't do a big city fight but again for Superman saving a life is always going to be the greater priority than beating the opponent.

So it's kind of like you have to find a balance between this awesome fighter and a guy who thinks like a rescue worker.

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