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Default Re: Disney will release Iron Man 3

Originally Posted by Iron_Stark View Post
Have I ever said it was 'Teh BeSt movIe eVer,' ? Please quote me on that. IM2 deserved it's fair share of criticisms just like any movie made.

The main thing that was disappointing, again, were the action sequences, Tony and Ivan's second encounter should've been at the bday part with Vanko sporting a Mark II armor that looked like triangular faceplate armor he has in the comics and him kicking Tony's drunk ass all over the place leaving him alive because he had something better in store for him or him remembering Hammer's "you just don't kill the guy" quote. Then the final encounter should have been obviously at the expo, with Hammer introducing the drones and Vanko and then Vanko being the one that starts destroying the Expo and Tony getting there just in time to save the day.

Like I've said before, they should never have added War Machine. They should've focused more on Tony and the villains. but oh no, lets add in War Machine so we can please fanboys who thought "teh armour was awezum in teh comix" and Iron Man can't do this alone crap.

Part 2 didn't suffer from too many villains, it suffered from too many damn heroes. Hopefully they learn from their mistakes.

And seriously, you really think Jon isn't going to know what happens or how the Avengers ends by the time he's done with Aliens and Cowboys? wtf, is RDJ going to say "nah ah, you're going to have to wait until the movie comes out like everyone else to know what happens in the Avengers".
Originally Posted by HappyPalooza View Post
Hahaha, like they're gonna give him one year to make an Iron Man movie. That's ****in' impossible! You know how they've been planning and writing the Avengers for months even though the Thor trailer hasn't even debuted yet and Cap's not even done shooting? Yeah.
He might know the ending in the script, but who's to say Whedon wont change that during shooting? Do you how many movies in the past have filmed about 5 endings and only gone with a particular one at the last minute?

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