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Default Re: Disney will release Iron Man 3

Originally Posted by AVEITWITHJAMON View Post
He might know the ending in the script, but who's to say Whedon wont change that during shooting? Do you how many movies in the past have filmed about 5 endings and only gone with a particular one at the last minute?
ok man, just keep thinking Jon Favreau isn't going to have any inside info on the movie, just keep thinking he, Feige and Whedon won't get together sometime next year or at least him and Feige. Because at the end of the day after Whedon, Feige IS going to know what happens in ACT I, ACT II and ACT III of the Avengers and how that movie is going to end and what Iron Man will be doing.

So yeah just keep thinking Jon is going to be completely in the dark until the Avengers premiere.



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