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Default Re: Best one vs one fight in the X-Franchise?

I though the Deathstrike/Wolverine fight was the best fight interms of choregraph and action and length, but for some reason i enjoyed the Wolverine vs Mystique fight the most, i loved how it started with Mystique posing as Wolverine than Wolverine comes out of nowhere to grab mystique and than from than on it was mystique giving Wolverine a ass whopping.

I liked the Sabretooth fvs Wolverine on top of the statue of Liberty, it should have been longer, but i thought it was a great fight, i loved when the camera panned back and you could see Sabretooth just manhandling Wolverine in terms of size and strength, something that if eel the Wolverine movie failed to capture with there version of Sabretooth.

Schriebers Sabretooth was almost smaller than Wolverine .....That really ruined all the fight scenes for me.

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