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Default Re: Jennifer Lawrence/Mystique. Introducing this sexy and talented actress.

Fighting off a cold, the statuesque, beautiful and refreshingly blunt Lawarence admitted she never thought she's still be celebrating "Bone" for Oscar consideration while shooting the drama in Missouri almost two years ago. Instead, she's enjoying the ride as much as she can. Even if she's not sure when she'll get to return to the awards circuit. As Lawrence joked, "First Class" is going to shoot "forever."

Vaughn's '60s set saga of the X-Men's early days has Lawrence spending four hours a day having body make up applied for her role as the shape-shifting Mystique aka Raven Darkholme (played by Rebecca Romijn in the first three "X-Men" movies). And while she says she has handlers to help remove it daily, she laughs when noting she has blue dye everywhere in her apartment. Her bed pillow, her toilet, her tub, you name it.

Another interesting tidbit Lawrence discussed regarded her co-star and new friend Zoe Kravitz. Lenny's 21-year-old daughter is playing "Angel" according to Lawrence. Most comic book X-Men fans will know Kravitz isn't playing Warren Worthington III, but Angel Salvadore, a more housefly-like incarnation. Lawrence says this Angel will have wings (whether they are fly-like or bird-like is unclear), but they'll appear out of tattoos on her back. And lastly, Lawrence revealed that Vaughn cast her in the film without seeing "Bone" and, much to her sarcastic chagrin, still hadn't. But, she might just have to bring him a copy on DVD. Or, as someone in the room noted, perhaps as an Academy member he'll pop in a screener which will soon be on its way.

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