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Default Re: Disney will release Iron Man 3

Originally Posted by Iron_Stark View Post
The main thing that was disappointing, again, were the action sequences, Tony and Ivan's second encounter should've been at the bday part with Vanko sporting a Mark II armor that looked like triangular faceplate armor he has in the comics and him kicking Tony's drunk ass all over the place leaving him alive because he had something better in store for him or him remembering Hammer's "you just don't kill the guy" quote. Then the final encounter should have been obviously at the expo, with Hammer introducing the drones and Vanko and then Vanko being the one that starts destroying the Expo and Tony getting there just in time to save the day.
I didn't have a problem with the inclusion of War Machine, but I do agree that they should've done something along the lines of what your describing here with Whiplash. The whole party scene as it is in the actual film has always been a weak point of IM2, IMO.

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