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Default Re: The Joker's background?

Originally Posted by ALP View Post
That or I imagine the scars were self inflicted- maybe he's a mad man who probably broke out of an asylum but was never identified and took the first train to Gotham. Joker definitely struck me as having already been in an asylum before.

I like the origins for the TDK Joker that the comics gave because they logically explain his lack of any records. Im talking about the Atom story in which we see that when he was a kid he killed his parents, run away and grew up on the streets among gangs. Hence no records or official identity.

As for the whole no-origins thing, I think its highly overrated. It works most of the time when we have some inhuman creatures or half monsters like Alien or The Thing, but the origins never diluted Freddy Krueger or Darth Vader (talking about what was said in the OT). It's apparent that they don't come from another planet or another dimension and I think it would be silly not to realistically excuse their existence because theyre so out of place visually. A man with frozen smile, permanent white skin and green hair would be just another Dick Tracy-esque character, but Batman did take place in our reality even if somewhat mixed with fantasy, so no demons or anything. And I thought the bleaching with the chemicals was a very smart origin. And The Killing Joke is probably my favorite comic of all time, a great tragic story. Sure, it's somewhat cool not to have TDK's Joker's origins but it's not like he's anything more than a regular man. He's psychotic and sadistic, but still a man in makeup. We had plenty whackos like those, like Mr Manson for example. The one thing that benefits from it is that we're wandering how did he got those scars, and as far as Im concerned, one of his stories might be real. I like to have the TDK Joker the way he is (even tho its easy and logical to figure out that he had abusive family and grew up like this), and the classic comic book Joker the way he is, because his origins were never a problem and never questioned for 5 decades. Moore said he respects continuity and didnt want to mess with that, just add what wasnt told, and the 89 movie and BTAS followed the same classic origin story. It wasnt until 2007 when M. Green said that he will do an alternative origin story just because "nobody else did" and afterwards about 3 more followed (still, all using the chemical vat)

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