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Default Re: Will this really be a better film?

That's fine, individual opinions on the movie are totally fine, good or bad. But I read this board and people generalize everything, thinking their own opinion is representative of the whole. Fact is some people loved this movie, some people absolutely hated it, and then there's people in the middle ground.

If this movie has good trailers and is a good movie, people will go to it. If it was mediocre, people would go to it. A majority of people that post here will go to it, especially if it's good, so why not just let it be and wait for the movie to come out or to get into production before calling it a dud or declaring it absolutely helpless.

I just keep resorting back to the fact that it's Darren Aronofsky at the helm, he didn't get Superman because the studio knew he was going to take some time making changes to a script that was NOT strong. Then he's in talks for Wolverine, the deal is close to closing, a set filming date is talked about and there's not one mention of Darren wanting to rework anything. From multiple sources comes the news that McQuarrie wrote a really strong script, it's good to go. And everyone here knows how different the Japan saga is from Origins anyways, so it's not really even a sequel, it could have a whole different tone and not give a **** about continuity and stand alone as a strong film. Just looking at the facts...

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