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Default Re: Disney will release Iron Man 3

Originally Posted by Night Raven View Post
I agree. Tony should've fought Vanko at that party instead of War Machine. It would've been great to see an actual fight where Stark isn't firing fully on all cylinders because he is drunk, and getting trashed. Vanko would've become arrogant and Stark might've loss confidence both in himself and in the eyes of the public. Then, it would be a rematch at the end when Tony has sobered up. There would've been a real sense of danger and it wouldn't have seemed so hokey and embarrassing.
I know, it would've been something straight from the comics.

Originally Posted by AVEITWITHJAMON View Post
No i aint, as usual you are getting angry because someone dares to question your beloved franchise.

On movies like this, script changes happen on a daily basis, during filming, if Whedon suddenly decides to change some plot points at the last minute, which happens with blockbusters all the time, and they are already filming IM3, do you really think they are going to have time to do major re-shoots that maybe necessary? Its a valid concern, especially with the way IM2 turned out.
lmao, I'm not getting angry, seems you are though.

But I guess since you're the only one that knows anything about making movies and the people at Marvel are as dumb as a box of rocks, the whole thing is doomed.

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