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Default Re: Will this really be a better film?

i agree but i mean i just don't like the x films anymore.

i mean i will always respect hugh jackman's acting talent. he has a leading man charisma.

and i think liev and hugh had a great onscreen presence.

i feel like the film falls apart after they get out of the prison.

i was hoping that hugh would just find a new character and they would do a first class reboot. but i really think that fox is trying to make up for wolverine being not only leaked early but being a bad movie too and not admit that they made a bad movie by going foward with Wolverine 2, First Class & Deadpool reboot.

its a shame that marvel doesn't own x-men. they would do it justice. but i love what they are doing with Iron Man-Thor-Cap.America and Avengers & Hulk its a beautiful thing.

i think that Wolverine 2 will basically be like a cross between The Last Samurai (tom cruise) & Orgins. So it could be a great film but if it is just mediocre it won't hurt.

this new guy could do it justice. but i think the problem wasn't gavin hood. its a shame because this film kinda puts him in a bad light. its clear that the rumors of studio interference were true and it just seems like the rushed everything.

infact i will take another look at orgins right now and try to look at the film as if i'm a casual viewer who doesn't know the story and see if i like it.

but who knows this film could be a classic and fix everything. who knows.

but at a bare minimum i hope they animate his claws better this time. it seems like the claws get faker and faker with each movie.

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