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Default Re: Will this really be a better film?

okay folks i just looked at all 3 x-films and Orgins. i mean at the end of the day, it made money but wolverine 1 sucks!

Hugh's popularity and the fact that he is nice guy has overcame the fact that the film sucked. the movie was a big toy for the kiddies.

This film could have been a toned down version of what we saw in the video game cinematics just with less blood but the same intensity.

or even some of what we saw int he animated series. and orgins really srcews up the continuity now. again logan will need to get another memory wipe so that he won't remember Yuriko in x2.

but after looking at all 4 movies - the quality of the story telling goes down after x2.

don't get me wrong. i love x3 actually. it confuses me that people are harsh on X3 but they don't bash orgins.

orgins is really hard to watch sometimes. i cannot believe how bad this movie is.

bad editing. bad-laughable SFX. bad fight chreography. the plot really sucked. i mean the movie falls apart after striker gets them out of prison.

and then there is deadpool too.

i mean in the first trailer it answers the question asked in x2.

why did logan volunteer for the procedure.? So it was because he wanted revenge for the loss of his woman?

in x2 it was bloody grimey and it looked like something from frankenstien. but what we get is something really really stupid that doesn't fit with what we say in the flashback nightmare sequences in

also when you look at x2 and orgins. i mean they are just visually two different film. one is a masterpiece and the other is a piece of crap.

but now that we are getting screen shots of Captain America and it seems like Marvel & WB or going for quality and they want to tell a great epic story but please the comic geeks too who know the story.

its funny. i remember Somebody at fox comparing Wolverine to Dark Knight and saying that its "easier to understand"

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