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Default Re: Will this really be a better film?

Originally Posted by C. Lee View Post
Not everyone agrees that they really messed up with orgins. Some, like me, feel that it wasn't perfect and could have needed some different things happening...but was still a fun interesting movie.

Origins was not the only X movie that got the comic continuity laying all blame on it about that is unfair.

So my answer to the threads title is.....maybe it will be better....let's hear more about it before we start grumbling.
I think my biggest problem with Origins is that it managed to be just good enough to be mediocre, and thus made just enough money to get a sequel.

It's not horrible, it's certainly not great either, but it was just frustratingly bland to me. Doubly frustrating because it had a great cast, just a bad script. The amazing amount of missed potential is more infuriating then the actual movie.

However, I'm cautiously optimistic to this movie, considering it's based directly off my favorite Wolverine story. However, one thing that worries me is that the base theme of the Claremont/Miller store is Wolverine's struggle with his animal nature. They tried to do that in Origins. They just did it extremely poorly. So I'm hoping they don't try and gloss over that aspect because they did it in the first movie.


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