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Default Re: Superman: Earth One

I liked the art and I thought Superman, though young, seemed very powerful. JMS does tend to make Superman sound too rude and arrogant sometimes though. But there were parts I didn't like. It felt rushed- it starts with the Clark character arriving in Metropolis, but he is hardly there before the alien invasion starts. I didn't like the alien character or the Krypton changes either.

I am reading JMS's new runs on Wonder Woman, Superman: Grounded and this, and I am getting pretty tired of him making these huge changes to jazz it all up and assuming his version will be definitive. I believe you can still make the original elements exciting.

I was looking forward to this graphic novel very much as I thought it would explore Clark creating a life in Metropolis and taking time to develop an identity as Superman in Metropolis, and explore different elements of Metropolis more, but that wasn't explored because it just turned out to be a conventional alien invasion.

I also picked up the reissue of some of Geoff Johns old Superman stories from 2002 in the "Superman: 100-Page Spectacular" and one story I did find interesting was Superman fighting the Royal Flush Gang. It was a short story that ended abruptly but elements I liked was seeing Superman confronting the gang problem in Metropolis and Clark Kent on the beat trying to get info. from the police on the rising crime wave. It was a bit like Nolan's Batman but at least we were seeing Superman deal with some more believable stuff and maybe the new movie will have elements of that.

I like Superman dealing with more regular people (like a baseball team in another Johns story), while still having him involved in major action scenes. There needs to be a balance. JMS lately seems to be going from one extreme to the other (i.e. Grounded to Earth One.)

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