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Default Re: Superman: Earth One

Originally Posted by Asteroid-Man View Post
Did they release it as an entire graphic novel, or are they releasing them as monthly chapters first like they did with the initial establishment of New Earth?
The best description for it is a mini GN, it's roughly about 128+ pages that's excluding things like the sketch book at the end and a few pages from the Daily Planet about Superman and notes from JMS.

On to the review now and all I can say is I hated this, didn’t like it one bit at all. They turned Superman into a self pitying whiner, all we get is whine whine and more whine until the invasion and even then it still was horrible. They also give the impression that Superman had an unhappy childhood, hell he didn’t even smile once through out the whole read. And apparently he was alone and had no one, thing is JMS has conveniently forgot about Pete and Lana Lang........oh I am still reeling (just finished reading it). Yes I know this is an elseworld tale but he stuck with the template for a majority of it and then every once in a while dived of course. How can this character be a ray of hope when he seemed so weak minded and mentally fragile. Didn’t also like the change in the origins of the demise of Krypton, not to mention the neighbouring planet seemed like it contained Neanderthals yet we are meant to believe they kept up and in part stalemated krypton lol ok, anyway all I can say is 3/10. If you want to see Peter Parker with Superman power then this is the story for you.

Positives: Great art.

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