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Default Re: Superman: Earth One

Originally Posted by SuperDaniel View Post
Smallville is BETTER, though. Homecoming is a FINE example of that.

Still, he cheated and was thinking of accepting if it wasn`t for his mother telling him otherwise...

E1 sucks.

Superman doesn`t put out the fire, doesn`t save the fireman, doesn`t do anything except grab his clothes and fly off. GREAT CHARACTERIZATION.
^^ I couldn't disagree more, but this isn't a Smallville discussion. You keep harping on that one fire incident to negate his entire value, and it's not at all that simple or negative when you look at the whole story. But if Smallville and the "gee golly shucks ma'am" Clark Kent of old are what float your boat then you have plenty of back stories to fill up on

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