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Default Re: Superman: Earth One

Originally Posted by SuperDaniel View Post
Gave the tech to a neighbour world? WTF. That just doesn`t make anysense whatsoever. The brainiac or a good villain would just go and destroy the world by himself, like he did in the comics. Just go to Krypton and shrink its capital. The explantion for Krypton was plain stupid and made no sense. The villain sucked and looked terrible.

How about you let the sequel come out before you pass judgement on a plot thread you know nothing about Also it's not like Darkseid ever supplied Intergang with advanced weaponry or anything, nope that's never been done in a comic before.

They wanted a new villian, whoo-t-doo, there was life before brainaic and there will be life after him. It's actually nice to have Superman introduction without relying on Lex or Brainy. The technology of krypton was also brilliant, nice to see some originality there as well. If you really want things the way they've always been then look no further than Secret Origin the perfect redundant tale of reintroducing a character in the most unoriginal way possible. And parasite now got his powers by eating a radioactive donut, whoohoo.

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