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Default Re: George Clooney as Batman/Bruce Wayne

Originally Posted by Cain View Post
He had the jawline. Besides him no other bat actor has had it since Adam West. I think if given a completely different take he would've been boss. Imagine him in Batman Forever for example.

I liked his "real" Bruce Wayne. The one from the manor, his public Bruce sucked. Val Kilmer still had the best live action public Bruce Wayne. He was still at that point in his career where he was bobbing his head every time he segued. So that **** was always annoying. At the same time his emotion in the scenes with Gough was very genuine. I bought it very much as a great Bruce and Alfred dynamic. Their performances in those scenes easily the greatest thing in that movie.
I disagree, I think Kilmer had the jaw thing going on in his own way, he had chiseled features, probably not a big stone-like jaw, but Batman is also very often drew with a defined jaw line like Kilmer's. In fact, Kilmer reminds me alot of the Adams / O'Neil era.

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