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Default Re: Superman: Earth One

Just read it. It made an interesting read, and my opinion is mostly positive. I felt that the alien invasion plot was nearly copied from "Birthright", and the villain's design screamed "KISS" but I went along with it. I didn't mind Clark being a bit unsure or trying his abilities in various professions. In our world of today, who wouldn't be confused? Who wouldn't try to get advantage of any special skills?

Perry White and Lois were very good. I also liked that they didn't make Jimmy a boy, he was a early-20's guy, being good at his job. Superman showing some skills and power display.

I was waiting for Luthor to show up, but instead we got Major Lee and some Area 51 hangar. OK... The biggest flaw for me was having the Kryptonian ship practically telling Superman to avenge Krypton. Huh? Superman and avenge doesn't sound right, but I am willing to see where they are going with it. It's a new universe, a new story, I am willing to accept some differences and innovations.

So, is there gonna be a sequel of it?

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