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Default Re: Details for the Superman Returns Sequel That Never Was (From Michael Dougherty)

Remember people - these are Dougherty's ideas not necessarily Harris' or Singer's.
Originally Posted by Motown Marvel View Post
superman fighting kryptonians doesnt equal a hackneyed superman II.
Exactly and he does say that they were "certain other classic villains” (unlike Superman 2) that would have featured in their proposed sequel with Brainiac likely to have had a role. I suppose the cut Return To Krypton sequence would have played a part.

But to be honest, as much as i liked SR and while the idea is interesting, i'm not a fan of a sequel with more Kryptonians. I'd much prefer they brought in new characters from the comics that haven't been featured on the big screen.

Both writers are also IMO talented directors in their own right so i'll keep an eye on what they put out in the future.

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