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Default Re: What about a Batman live-action tv series?

That would be quite nice.

It's certainly the only way we'll explore Batman's rich history or see his villains developed in an epic way. I'd love to see it. Much of my pacing would be like that of the TAS. Season 1 would be JUST Batman, and introducing all of his major villains in heartful storylines, most would make 2-3 appearances that season with Joker making the big four. Play with different storytelling formulas as well. Do it a bit CSI-like. Season 1's Bat-team would be Bruce, Alfred, Gordon, Dent, Leslie and Lucius. Season 2, let Ra's Alghul, and his daughter be the sort of big bads, as we see Grayson develop as an apprentice, and Barbara added to the team, and Catwoman begin to cross the lines, but turn out to be a mole from a small alliance of villains, but then she 'falls' for him. Season 3, Robin and Batgirl (short lived, crippled as a Season cliffhanger) would be in full swing. By Season 4, we'd see impostors and potential rivals like Azrael, Huntress and Bat-Woman, with some other Superheroes crossovers (The Outsiders, since the JLA will probably be unavailable). Season 5 we'd change things up, Grayson would fall out with bats, Jason Todd would be a short lived Robin, KIA, perhaps as part of Knightfall. Throw in a little Battle for the Cowl (and basically put both of the Grayson-as-Batman arcs into a single season/storyline for Season 6. Bruce return in season 7, perhaps adapt the OMACs/Brother Eye thing until Tim Drake helps settle him out, though Damian Wayne would be Tim's peer and rival, until Damian takes Drake's job. Pepper it all with guest shots from other minor DC heroes. All the while, each episode has a CSI-type theme, though the person isn't always dead first.

At least... that's how I'd do it.

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