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Default Re: Danny Elfman Appreciation Thread!

Wow a Danny Elfman appreciation thread! Say it ain't so! And here I always thought SHH was full of Elfman haters.

Yeah I know this thread is old. It's cool to see a thread where people can talk and appreciate Elfman's music for once. I believe he's very underappreciated especially up here. People make comments like " His music sounds the same !", "His scores have no themes !", "All Elfman writes is circus music !", " He writes noise !", "Sounds like MV/RC !" etc. etc.

Yeah I really appreciate this man's work. He really has progressed and matured from his Batman/ Pee Wee/ Edward/Jack Skeleton days. I really do appreciate his more dense scores that he's been improving and expanding on since Dolores Claiborne (another great Elfman score). His two Spider-man scores are really underrated and showed how much he matured compared to Batman, Darkman, and Dick Tracy in the same genre.

Alot of people think he doesn't have range . The scores that he's done in the last decade say differently. He's scored everything from a teenager (Spider-man)who gets bit by a genetically altered super spider and uses his new abilities to fight crime out of his guilt of not being able to save his uncle's life. To a movie about a serial killer(Red Dragon) who's obssessed with a dragon and uses his obssession to prey on innocents b/c of his fractured childhood. To a terrorist unit (The Kingdom) getting justice in a different country for the deaths of innocent Americans while bonding with their new foreign colleagues. To a movie (Standard Operating Procedure)about the prisoners and their rights being abused in Guantanamo Bay. To a movie (Big Fish) about a dying father who tells tales (fact or fiction ) about his past while trying to bond with his son for the last time. To his recent movie ( The Next Three Days) about a husband/father who's willing to do whatever it takes to break his wife out prison for a crime he believes she didn't commit. That hasn't even scratched the surface. I coould go on and on.

I can't wait to see what he comes up with for that movie (TN3D). The movie looks interesting as well. They've already got soundclips up at

I'm also excited about the new Burton/Elfman box coming out next month. I don't care how much it costs. I want it. I know I wouldn't like myself much if I didn't purchase that. I'm really excited about this box and am anticipating it everyday. I can't wait for the book and dvd that comes with all the music as well.

I'll try to post every week on here to keep the thread alive.

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