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Default Re: A New Director After Nolan?

'Batman' Live-Action TV Series May Pick Up Where Movies Leave Off

Posted Nov 15th 2010 3:35PM

An interesting rumor about a new live-action 'Batman' series has cropped up over at **************.com. According to their source, Warner Bros. is already planning to create a new television series to take up the caped crusader's mantle after Christopher Nolan is (presumably) done with him with 2012's 'The Dark Knight Rises.' There's little doubt that if Nolan were inclined to make a fourth Batman movie with Christian Bale, the studio would bend over backwards to make that happen, but if there is truth to this rumor, it sounds like they're not going to let Nolan's tenuous involvement determine whether or not they stay in the Batman business.

This makes perfect sense, of course, since Warner Bros. has long been involved with developing small screen alternatives to their big screen properties, the most comparable project being The CW's 'Smallville' (now in it's 10th season!), which has already introduced TV versions of a number of Batman's crime fighting cohorts (as seen above). So while it's only in the rumor stage at this point, it's hardly left-field speculation that they'd be interested in this. And according to their source, the WB are already looking at an actor to play TV's Bruce Wayne.

Karl Urban is supposedly the face (at least the unmasked portions) the undisclosed show's producer imagines the criminals of Gotham will all fear. And as for who those criminals will be, the WB are also preemptively trying to figure out a way to work in a new version of The Joker. No actor is currently associated with that role, but that's not stopping the site's report from mentioning that the studio knows what kind of a rating juggernaut an episode like that would be.

So what do you guys think? Do you have any interest in a live-action Batman series once Nolan has concluded his cinematic trilogy? What would you like to see the show dive into that the movies haven't? And, most importantly, what do you think of the idea of Karl Urban as Batman?

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