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Default Re: Thor game making progress

More Q&A thanks to RealIronMan

How do you think your 360/PS3 version of THOR compares with the best action games that everyone praises (without naming them)?

Sega: "Well, all we can say is that we do some things that are quite unique to this genre and that the game has some amazing aspects to it, including some truly beautiful environments. Once we release more info and videos, it will be neat to see what other people think."

Q2) In "God of Thunder" will Thor verse more giant villians then just Surtur, Ymir, and Ulik will he verse tall frost giants. Another question will Thor be traveling the 9 worlds?

Sega: "There are a lot of different enemies and bosses across the different versions of the game with quite a large variety in sizes. So, yes, you will see several enemies that tower over Thor and some that are actually smaller than Thor."

Q3) Will Thor explore the 9 worlds that he travels in the game for 360/PS3? Will the game have the huge scale of exploration

Sega: "There is some exploration for sure and each version contains several of the Nine Worlds. However, the Wii and DS versions contain additional worlds that are not in other versions."

Q4) Why did you decide to make different Thor games for different systems? What if someone has 360 only and not Wii or PSP or viceversa and can't play the whole experience?

Sega: "We wanted to design games that worked best for each system. We did not want to just take a 360/PS3 game and try to squeeze it onto the Wii. As with the DS version, each game has its own strengths and we hope that fans will want to play all three versions of the game to see all the worlds and characters.

Even if you only have a 360, though, you still get a full adventure to enjoy and will feel you have had a full experience with Thor. That is the case with all the versions."

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