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Default Re: The "realism" thread

I dispute that to an extent. Batman's costume has to look armored because Burton said so. Truth be told, it never once occured to me that the suit was made that way for protective purposes until he got shot. Truth is, they could have used some other material and created the illusion of protection if they wanted to.
My biggest problem with the realism/plausibility argument is that people seem to only want to apply it to superhero movies. You can do completely unbelievable things in any other genre and nobody seems to care but once you have a comic book as your source material, suddenly everything needs to be justified. When has a comic book movie ever succeeded or failed on the basis of whether or not it was realistic? When have you ever walked away from a comic book movie debating about whether or not those situations could happen in real life? Why does everything we get have to be watered down or altered to cater to a demand that doesn't exist?

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