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Default Re: The "realism" thread

Portrayal plays a big part, too. Reeve made Kent somebody you just don't look in the eye, and made Superman this mythic, larger than life being. No other actor has pulled this off as well as he has, IMO.

As for the otherworldly fantasy angle, that may fly when you look at movies like Avatar or Star Wars, but there's plenty of off-the-wall, non comic-related fantasies that take place right here on Earth. Terminator, Predator, any number of horror movies. None of them scientifically plausible or even defensible, but if you're enjoying the movie who cares? Did anybody care that NONE of the people Darkman impersonated were anywhere near his height and build? And exactly how do you synthesize organic flesh to allow your killer automatons to pass through the time field? How did the Predators make their infrared visors if they can only see ininfrared light? Who cares? Again, it's about balance. Too much compromise on either side can make for an absolutely terrible movie.
What's funny to me is, fans are on one hand demanding more realism and at the same time demanding movies that are "truer" interpretations of the comic. You really can't have it both ways.

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