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Default Re: The "realism" thread

Originally Posted by LOBO3315a View Post
I've always thought that had to do with the characterization, as well as the glasses. Clark Kent is mild-mannered, a bit of a coward; Superman is a powerful, superhero.

Also people can look different when they wear certain clothes. When Superman shows up, he wears a blue outfit, with a red "S" and a red cape. When Clark shows up, he wears a suit, tie, and glasses and blends right in.

Maybe that's the point. No one looks at Clark as being Superman because his features are so ordinary, they see the clothing and say "That's Superman." or "That's Clark." depending on what he's wearing.
I always thought of it as hiding in plain sight. As for the resemblance between Clark and Superman, some people just happen to look like other people. I mean, if you had a friend who kind of resembles a famous celebrity, would you automatically think they were the same person?

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