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Default Re: The "realism" thread

Originally Posted by some guy View Post
I always thought of it as hiding in plain sight. As for the resemblance between Clark and Superman, some people just happen to look like other people. I mean, if you had a friend who kind of resembles a famous celebrity, would you automatically think they were the same person?
There's only one flaw in that argument; Clark and Superman travel in too many of the same circles. I once knew a girl who bore a striking resemblance to Jill Scott. I had a friend who looked a lot like the pre-surgery Michael Jackson. I worked with someone who was a dead ringer for Tisha Campbell. And all of these people I met in Chicago, going to school and/or working regular jobs. Not in Hollywood or any place like that. If I worked with someone at Wal-Mart or Citibank who looked like Beyonce, and I knew for a fact that Beyonce was on tour at the time, it's obvious she's not Beyonce. But if every time she was out of my sight Beyonce popped up somewhere in Kansas City, I might think differently. Clark Kent works at the Daily Planet, which Superman frequents. Clark lives in Metropolis, which is Superman's primary location. It's a known fact that Superman can travel at superhuman speeds, so a really clever person could deduce that if Clark were in fact Superman, he'd be able to duck out of sight, change into his tights, go save the bus full of kids or stop the bank robbery and be back before anyone realized it. There's a lot of convenient coincidences that get ignored. When Superman died, Clark disappeared. They both changed their hair at the same time. They have never, EVER been in the same room. And additionally, if I took a photo of any of my friends who looked like celebrities, and compared it to one of the actual celeb, differences would pop up. With Clark and Superman, not so much. Superman has to make a real effort to make Clark and the Man Of Steel come across as two different people.

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