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From MillarWorld:
Originally Posted by Mark Millar
Superior is one we've known about for months. And I mean SEVEN OR EIGHT MONTHS. But everything has been formalised and this is now locked down and should finally be announced in the next week or two. I met up with the director on my trip to London earlier in the week and he's gasping to get started. We talked casting and screen-writer (both of whom should make fans of the book very happy) and we're going to be putting this into overdrive after Christmas for a late 2012 release. The good news is that this is getting fast-tracked and all going well we should be looking at a late 2012 release. I know it seems fast because the second issue of Superior only hit the stands yesterday, but this is something that I've been discussing with his team for a couple of years. Superior is a labour of love for me, everything I've ever really wanted to write in a comic-book and it's exactly the kind of movie he's always wanted to make too. I've been thinking about this book for over five years now and scribbling lots of notes so it's almost a relief to get this out.

American Jesus, on the other hand, has been a total surprise. The studios all looked at this a few years back when I was doing Wanted, but people were nervous about Jesus being the lead character in a story set in modern America and all declined. One producer (who's very famous and this has become my most told bar-room story) asked if we could do American Jesus WITHOUT JESUS (which I found hilarious) so naturally the movie never got made. But an oscar-winning writer-director-producer got in touch literally last night when I got home from England and a little movie miracle happened. I have no idea where this is going to go, but the guy is maybe one one of a handful of people in the industry powerful enough to protect this and stop the dilution I feared would happen. It's early days, but I'll keep you posted. I was very happy with this book, but had written off a potential movie so this was a total surprise.


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