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Default Re: The New Ultimate DC RPG - Season II

Crime in Gotham City had escalated.

Following the highly publicized death of boss Salvatore Maroni, word on the streets had travelled fast of an uprising. It seemed that at the time of his death, Maroni had owed considerable debt to the other families following a series of favorable loans that had helped build his criminal empire. While the last few members of the Maroni family's crime racket denied such claims, that hadn't done much to stop the other bosses from trying to collect a posthumous fee that they had all felt entitled to over the years, too intimidated to try and approach Salvatore for while he still had the city in his grip. But the times had changed, and a new era of syndication seemed to be rising across Gotham.

One notable origin of the movement within the city's mobs happened to lie within it's least popular figurehead. Since the announcement of Carmine Falcone's impending retrial, Tony Zucco had been pulling out all the stops to ensure that Falcone didn't have the authority to reassume his place as Gotham's top crimelord. With Maroni gone, Zucco had felt that the honor should rightfully go to him. But it soon became apparent that not everyone in Gotham agreed. Which was why that, while a turf war was slowly brewing between each of the other families in an effort to gain control of the East End territories, Zucco had chosen to set his sights on the one thing everyone had overlooked - Maroni's drug cartels, which had been revealed to be stored away in a warehouse on the waterfront by an embittered snitch whom had also watched Maroni die with a debt to owe.

So while the cops had been handsomely paid off to look the other way, five trucks that had been hired by Zucco pulled up to the abandoned shipyard with the sole purpose of stealing the merchandise for repackaging. With the high risk factor in play and more manpower than anyone else was currently employing, not one boss in Gotham would be able to accuse the Falcone rackets of taking Maroni's exports for themselves, making the job as easy to enact as it was to plan.

From across the city, Zucco smiled to himself proudly, listening in on the job from the moment that it began. Lighting himself a new cigar, the Italian mobster carefully monitored his men's progress to ensure that his prize would be obtained. "See anything yet, boys?"

"Hell yeah. The walls are practically lined with the stuff, just like you told us."

"Good to hear. Guess I won't have to cut our source's fingers off."

"Why let that stop you?"

Zucco smirked. "Hey, this is business, not pleasure. And besides..."

"You already tossed him in the river?"

"I already tossed him in the river."

On the other side of the line, heavily armed hoods began to load the crates into the back of their trucks. Every ounce of product was a popular narcotic that had continually become high in demand from customers living in The Narrows, ranging from cocaine, heroin, meth, and premium marijuana. Before tonight, only the late Maroni had managed to be the dealer with the largest selection. But there was about to be a new face on the streets for the city's users to turn to. Zucco leaned back in his chair and threw his legs over the desk, particularly relaxed at the thought.

"Alright, it's getting late. I'll leave you boys to it. Just make sure that cargo gets back here by sunrise."

"Got it, boss."

Snapping his phone shut, Zucco's current underboss, Angelo Carbone, proceeded to take inventory as the men continued to work. Everything seemed to be going according to schedule, with no missing items that were unaccounted for. He just hoped that that's the way things stayed, because otherwise, Zucco was going down. And taking them all with him. "C'mon, let's pick it up! Zucco wants the merchandise back at the checkpoint within the hour, and I'm not gonna be the one to tell him we got there late!"

Pointing to two of the waiting guards, Carbone indicated the trucks outside.

"The #%@! are you two waiting for? Get out there and keep watch!"

Giving their employer a nod, the guards headed outside and past the trucks, out of sight. But just as Carbone turned back to the crates, one of the men approached him. "Yeah?"

"Sorry to interrupt, Angelo, but we think one of the guys is missing."

"What? Who?"

"The new guy. Malone, or whatever his name is."

Carbone grit his teeth, but eventually shook his head, unaffected by the disappearance. All he wanted was to get the trucks loaded and get out before Sofia Gigante realized what they were doing under Zucco's order. "We got better things to do than send out a search party. Just tell the others to pick up his slack."


Seconds later, the peaceful night was interrupted by a barrage of gunfire coming from outside, followed by the distinct sound of horrified screams. Carbone and the others turned towards the trucks, wide-eyed, unsure of what to make of the disturbance as their guards ran towards the source, revealing that it was one of the smugglers being attacked. Grabbing a gun from his pocket, Angelo tossed it over to the man on his right.

"You! Go check it out!"

Complying, the gunman entered the fray just as a cloud of thick smoke blanketed the outside of the shipyard. Angelo peered out at the fog and sneered, seeing the distinct forms of all three men being eclipsed by a fourth shadow. The sounds of bones cracking against one another commenced, with shots firing every so often as the struggle continued. Angelo turned back towards the others, who were frozen in shock at the carnage that was unfolding.

"Stop standing around! Zucco's gonna fry us if we stall any longer, and-..."


"Don't interrupt me! I said-..."

"Angelo! Behind you!"

"What? What the #$%^'s so..."

By the time Carbone turned around, his jaw nearly hit the floor.


By the time that the police would arrive on the scene, they would find four of the five trucks missing. But all men present, save for one, would be accounted for along with most of the drug cartel's merchandise that Tony Zucco attempted to steal for La Cosa Nostra's inventory. Zucco would learn of it himself just before sunrise, and naturally, discover in the same moment that his fate as leader of the Falcone family would be sealed. It was just one of several different foils that would end up crippling the crime families that had plagued Gotham's citizens for far too long. But the scene at Maroni's waterfront storage plant, particularly, had sent a clear message to each and every criminal looking to capitalize on the mobster's death.

Crime may have escalated in Gotham City.

But there was still one presence there to fight it.

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