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Default Re: Where does Iron Man 2 stand among other superhero sequels?

Originally Posted by Chris Wallace View Post
Missed opportunities, yes. Vanko's vendetta against Tony seemed stupid, especially when he KNEW Tony was dying slowly anyway. Hammer became a moron from the moment he freed Danko. At what point did Vanko in any way show a willingness to comply with Hammer's wishes and not pursue his own agenda? This was the worst team-up ever. As for War Machine, another missed opportunity. His introduction wasn't handled well. He wasn't portrayed effectively. Much as I didn't think so initially, Howard was a MUCH better Rhodey than Cheadle. The movie as a whole just felt thrown together. We were promised so much and it just didn't deliver. I tend to think that if Avengers weren't already in the pipeline, we would've gotten the sequel we deserved.
It really just was a weak script, made better by the actors in it. I think this movie was a case of the actors rising above the material. For as much crap as people are giving Cheadle, stop and think what the guy had to work with. It wasn't like the script gave him a whole lot.

And I agree about Vanko and Hammer. It was just very frustrating. Hammer more so to me, because, like I said, in his first monologue, I was going "oh, this guy might be able to give Tony a run for his money." I mean, we obviously knew that he wasn't at Tony's level, but a man smart enough to be dangerous if Tony underestimated him.

Instead we got him as an incompetent comedic relief. Which can be fun sometimes, but I think it's far more interesting for the villain to be a real threat. I mean, was anybody honestly worried when Hammer threatened Pepper at the end? It had as much menace as a small child getting angry at their parents.

In terms of where the sequel stands, I still don't think it's all that bad. Honestly, the first IM while I do think was written better, wasn't all that great of a script either. But at that time, RDJ performance was new, so it knocked the socks off everyone. This time around, we got a slightly worse script (but not all that much) and we knew what we were going to get, so people weren't as warm to it.


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