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Default Re: The New Ultimate DC RPG - Season II

"Tell me about the day your mother died, Edward."

I look up at the celing and try to find my words. I've been thinking about that day for almost twenty-eight years, but I've never been able to tell anyone anything but the most basic facts.

"I was ten and it was the last day at school before Christmas break. I came home around three and found her laying on the floor. She was underneath the Christmas tree and there was a bottle of drain cleaner in her hands. Blood and spilled drain clearner was on the floor all around her. I started to panic, cried. I called 911 and they took her to the hospital. I found out all the gory details later when I looked at the case file as a deputy. Doctor's report said the drain cleaner burned her lips and tongue off. It went down into her throat and ate her esophagus and stomach lining. She was in a coma for four days before she finally died. It was Christmas Eve. She was buried the day after Christmas."

"Earlier you said you blamed your father, what did you mean by that?"

"Dad used to abuse her. It was less physically and more mental, always yelling at her and putting her down. Mom would always take it, which baffled me. It took her ten years, but she finally got sick of it and kicked him out. He cried and begged for her to take him back. She wouldn't listen to her and he finally got mad. He tried to break into our hours the night before she died. He was standing on the porch, threatening to kill her. Claiming he'd burn her from the inside out. She called the cops, but he left before they got there and they couldn't find him. The next day she ends up dead. My grandaddy, my father's daddy, was on the city council at the time, so it was quietly pushed under the rug. He didn't want it getting out that his crazy daughter-in-law had committed suicide. It'd be even worse if his crazier ***hole son murdered her."

"Would you say this was the start of it all for you? Your love of mystery, riddles, and murder? The one murder you could never solve that pushed you on?"

"I solved it my own way, doctor. Soon as I turned 18 I had daddy put in a mental asylum. I made sure it was the worst one in Kentucky. I told them about his violent past and they gave him a lobotomy. He died there six years later, an emotionless robot. I'd say he deserved what he got."

"....I think I'll leave it there for this week, Edward. Our time is up."

I sit up on the couch and smile at Doctor Meridian. "That hour flew by, Doc."

"I think we made some real progress, Edward. You should be pleased. Before we leave, how are you looking on your prescription?"

"I have half a bottle left. I'm on my last refill, too."

"That's good enough to make it through to our next session, so I'll wait until next week to write you a new one."

"Okay. I want to thank you, Doctor. I've never had anyone I can confide in."

"Well, I'm more than a confidant. I'm here to help you. No offense, but you're mental state is very delicate. I believe in rehabilitation and you're among those that can be saved."

I thank Doctor Meridian for her time and she thanks me for my money. Feeling a bit better about myself, I head out of the office and pull out my phone once I'm in my car.

The phone rings for a minute before the voice mail switches on.

"'s, uhh, it's me again. Sergeant Bolton came to see me again. You haven't been in to work for awhile. I've been putting him off, but if you don't show up tomorrow you'll be fired. I know we ended on a bad note, but I said a whole mess of things I didn't mean. I'm done with all that. I'm trying to change. If you don't want to ever see me again, I understand. I don't want your love, just your forgiveness. I think I deserve that much."

I hang up and shake my head. Third message I've left for her, all of them pretty much saying the same thing. I still love her and she still hates me, nothing's changed. I've committed enough crimes to go to death row for her, and she still can't stand me. Accesory to Murder After the Fact for Umberto Maroni, and Murder in the 1st Degree for Sal Maroni. Those are things Doctor Chase Meridian will never know. No amount of psychology can make those things right.

My phone starts vibrating in my pocket. My heart skips a beat as I pull it out. It sinks when I see the number.

"What is it, Driver?"

"You might want to head down to the morgue. We got an ID on the Jane Doe we found last night all cut up and mutilated. You're gonna want to see this."

"I'm on m, way."

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