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Default Re: What about a Batman live-action tv series?

I would kill to get a serious Batman television series. My approach would be to use the Nolan films as a sort of vague history. Batman will have been active for 3-4 years. The pilot would introduce Bruce Wayne/Batman, Commissioner Gordon and a few important cops (possibly Harvey Bullock and Renee Montoya), Alfred Pennyworth, and Selina Kyle, among others. Even with the tone and history of the Nolan films, I would include some of the villains Nolan wouldn't, like Clayface and Mr. Freeze. The running story through the first season would culminate in the reappearance of The Joker for a 2 part season finale. The Season 2 would be the introduction of Dick Grayson, with the arc of the season ending with him becoming Robin.

The episodes could switch from CSI-esque procedurals, all out action, horror, mystery, and some could even focus on the Gotham Police and give us something like Gotham Central.

"All I really need to know is this: Batman always comes back, bigger and better, shiny and new. Batman never dies. It never ends. It probably never will."
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