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Default Re: What about a Batman live-action tv series?

Originally Posted by ALP View Post
Agreed, that would be a terrific idea but I wouldn't want it to be a continuation of what Nolan did. Nolan's Batman is what we see on film, television is such a different beast that it should be a reboot of it's own. However, a full television series with great production value would probably require a budget of $250 Million if not more. The recent Spielberg produced show "The Pacific" had a budget of $170 Million and that was only a miniseries. Imagine what a full Batman show would need.

But I'm not interested in a spin off type thing. It's just too cheap for me. When it comes to superheroes, it's like television is a lower form than cinema and must succumb to something lower. Instead of Superman, a tv show has got to be about Clark on a farm. I don't like Smallville at all. And I couldn't stand the idea of a Bruce Wayne show pre-Batman. Things like that just completely disinterest me. Just give us the full on superhero.
i wouldn't want it to follow nolan's trilogy to the letter, but just in a way that we can use it to fill in the gap of Batman's past so there's no need for an origin story. and it can be assumed that Batman's been around for a while, he's established a relationship with Gordon, faced the joker and a few other rogues and gangsters before the start of the series.

the budget is a problem, but if you can spend the most money on the pilot, for things the suit, the car, and the sets, then you can use those big cost items for the rest of the series. like they did with LOST.

"All I really need to know is this: Batman always comes back, bigger and better, shiny and new. Batman never dies. It never ends. It probably never will."
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