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Default Re: What about a Batman live-action tv series?

Just do a straight-up Batman show.

The budget doesn't have to be enormous. It's amazing that they've done Superman several times, Wonder Woman, Flash, but no Batman since the 60s. He's the only one who doesn't have superpowers that require special effects!

You can tell a ton of Batman stories with a modest budget, especially if you keep it in a grounded universe. You can do most Joker stories, Two-Face, Penguin, Catwoman, Basil Karloff Clayface, Mr. Zsasz, Ventriloquist, Riddler, Hugo Strange, Black Mask, Scarecrow, on and on and on, all with relatively little money.

Good crime stories, good mysteries, lots of room for character development for supporting players like Alfred and Gordon. A lower budget may even be beneficial. Trim the fat and strip Batman down to his essentials - a fighter and a detective, solving crimes and kicking butts.

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