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Default Re: What about a Batman live-action tv series?

There's a reason why CK hasn't all out donned the cape + spandex (I don't care what it's actually made of, I'm trying to make a point. :| ), because an out and out cape and cowl wearing character in a live action series from the get-go wouldn't be taken seriously.

TV is a returning medium. If sections of the audience saw a guy jumping rooftops in a leather mask and body armour with soulfuly intesnse music and a sweeping crane cam... they would immediately roll eyes and dismiss it, and wouldn't tune in again.

Also, I think a Batman TV series (as much as I and every other Bats fan would love it) to the general would be seen as another Batman medium in an already hyped up entertainment industry that revolves around Batman with the Nolan-verse still continuing.
If there was no live-action Bats following TDK, then maybe in another 2-3 years it might've been viable... but now, I see it as being oversaturation for a general audience.
Not to even mention the intense pressure a show like that will have to be great from the get go which, again in a TV medium where shows are allowed to gain momentum and grow over time, might not work for a Batman TV series.

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