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Default Re: Where does Iron Man 2 stand among other superhero sequels?

Originally Posted by Parker Wayne View Post
He's coming. Fav's realizes that the next Iron Man film has to be the biggest. I truly believe that he's gonna up the ante on IM3, especially since it could be the first Marvel film after the Avengers. Its pretty much 95% guaranteed that he will use Iron Man's archenemy, The Mandarin.
The Mandarin better not take a back seat to anyone else in this movie, especially to War Machine.

The third one will be MUCH better if they completly drop War Machine from the movie.

Originally Posted by Chris Wallace View Post
Everything that everybody is saying here-even remarks made in defense of the film-has merit. This is a first for me. You know what else is a first? I just realized this film series is two installments in and we have yet to see a truly noteworthy villain. Just some idiots stealing Stark's tech and "improving" on it, with disastrous results. Stane was decent but he isn't a heavyweight. When did they kill him off in the comics, anyway? The 80's? Where's the Joker/Doc Ock/Magneto calibur villains, huh?
Missed opportunities.

I understand with them changing the villain from Crimson Dynamo to Stane in the first one, but they should've brought him in for the second one. And then they get a great actor like Mickey Rourke and he really doesn't do anything.

All missed opportunities in favor of War Machine and trying to make Tony into a team player.

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