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Default Re: Where does Iron Man 2 stand among other superhero sequels?

Originally Posted by AVEITWITHJAMON View Post
^The thing is Iron Stark, I agree with a lot of your points, but having War Machine in the movie would have been no problem if they had made the movie 15-20 or even more longer, 2 hours simply wasnt enough to do everyone justice, when they announce it was going to be shorter than the first movie, before even seeing the movie I thought this was too short, and I was proven completely right upon seeing it. If TDK can be 2 and a half hours, why cant Iron Man 2 be at least 135 mins?

Who's ever decision it was, and my money is on Marvel rather than Favreau, it was a ridiculous one.
I agree. I don't War Machine was the problem. The problem was and always has been the script. The script, liked the first one, is average and unlike the first one lacked some emotional punch to it. As I said before, the performances saved this film from being much worse than it could've been.

This film would've been better if it was longer and it some opportunities and characters were better placed in the stories. People complain about this film being an extended Avenger trailer but honestly the only Avengers talk was 2 minutes at the end.

The only problem with the Fury cameo I had was that it was too Deus Ex Machima. They should've just gave him the stuff and be done, but they had to add that stupid temporary cure to it. And for what? You just took some of the urgency and drama out the film. It would've been great seeing Stark atone with his father as he was an inch away from death.

I liked Chris Wallace's idea of Vanko attacking while Tony's drunk. Then Rhody would've looked less like bad friend or an as***le taking the suit becuase Tony obvious couldn't handle him now.

Hammer could've been less campy, but honestly he just needed one scene to truly show how ruthless he was but we never got that. I didn't have much problem with him being comic relief even though its a bit of a waste of Sam Rockwell's talent.

I even didn't have a problem with Black Widow. She had her role in the film and she did it well. People are complaining because she didn't have character development or didn't speak Russian. Well she was undercover and them mentioning that she could speak Russian was good enough for me. If it was just another SHIELD agent people wouldn't have been complaining.

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