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Default Re: Avengers Score : Singular, Or Multiple Composer?

Originally Posted by ddddeeee View Post
A source isn't needed. Do we need a source to know Elfman will score Burton's next film or that Williams will score Speilberg's? Not only do they work together, but Doyle is one of Branagh's best friends. He will be scoring Thor.
That's what people thought when Nolan was working on BB. Fans thought David Julyan was a shoe-in for it. Nolan decided to go with Zimmer. While Zimmer decided Newton Howard would be helpful to him as well. Look at how that turned out.

Singer usually works with Ottman on his projects but when he was working on the first X-men. Ottman wasn't availiable b/c he was busy directing Urban Legends: Final Cut. So Singer and co. went with Michael Kamen instead.

The same goes for Jon Favreau . Debney is a frequent collaborator of his, but Favreau went with Ramin Djawadi instead for the first Iron Man.

Notice that this is their (Nolan, Singer, and Favreau) first attempt at a summer popcorn movie. That's based on a comic book no less. The same could happen with Branagh. I'm not assuming just being skeptical.

I'll give another (different) example. Del Toro usually works with Beltrami on his American films but for some reason for Hellboy II he went with Elfman instead. Eventhough Beltrami already established the Hellboy universe Del Toro wanted for the first film. Yet he wanted the score to go in another direction for the sequel. The second film continues where the first left off so why change composers. I'm not complaining b/c I respect both composers and enjoy both their work. With that said there's a continuity gap with the music that's already been established. I think it would've been interesting to see where Beltrami would've taken it with the sequel. Like I said I still enjoyed Elfman's dense, dark, magical and epic score for Hellboy II.

Another thing. I'm always skeptical about composers signing on to some projects especially of this genre. Look at how Hulk (2003) replaced Danna for Elfman with less than two or three months (I think) before it's release. Elfman only had a month to compose the music for it. James Newton Howard replaced Howard Shore for King Kong (2005). Newton Howard had three weeks to compose the music I believe. Elfman's score almost didn't make the final cut for The Wolfman (2010) and got close to being replaced by Paul Haslinger of all people. Elfman was replaced (a few months ago) by Newton Howard for The Green Hornet b/c of scheduling conflicts. I can go on and on. The point I'm trying make is that stuff happens and composers don't always stay on board either out of creative differences, falling outs, scheduling conflicts, studio interference, or even the director wanting to try new things with the music e.g. working with a different composer.

Anyways I always take info about composers being hired for a film with a grain of salt. Until I see the movie myself or see the album of that movie with the composers name on it.

Btw, I wasn't trying to start an argument with you. I know you're a nice guy. I was just backing up why I'm skeptical about who's scoring the Thor movie.

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