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Default Re: The Joker's background?

- I think he saw some things during childhood that no child (or anybody) should ever have to see.

- He is, obviously, of supreme intellect, most likely a genius.

- I'm guessing he was pounded with the idea that he was ugly and unimportant, maybe that he was a giant mistake, by his parents.

- Probably a shy, awkward, gentle, and polite youngster, whose rage and longing to be noticed boiled violently just below the surface.

- After dropping out of school, with no family or friends to lean on, he got mixed up with some rough crowds, probably starting out as a low-level drug dealer and proving himself by showing a penchant for ruthlessness and the devlopment of schemes that advance the gangs' agenda.

- Sexual inadequacies

You'd almost think he'd spent time in the military or in prison, as he has an EXTREME aversion to authority and the institution, but they have no record of his existence, so these issues must all stem from his father, or stepfather, or mother's violent boyfriends, etc.

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