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Default Re: Transformers: Prime

Originally Posted by Lunar_Wolf View Post
Wonder if Megatron just updated himself to Galvatron?
If he did, that's kind of abrupt. Then again, TF:A got the whole 'death and return of Optimus Prime' schtick out of the way relatively quickly, too...

That said, I really, really like what I'm seeing. It still has its flaws, but then ALL TF series have flaws.

Serious plus points for me:
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

* An Arcee who ACTUALLY DOES THINGS! And she's not pink!
* A not-so-doofy Bulkhead.
* The voice cast in general - and IMO Welker's new Megatron voice is friggin' awesome; it blows his G1 Megatron voice clean out of the water.
* The new TF designs - they evoke the detailed nature of the movie style and yet aren't as overdone.
* Decent CGI. Not great, certainly not 'Clone Wars' level, but leaps and bounds above the last couple TF series to employ CGI.
* Two episodes in, and already one Autobot's been kacked. That's harsh.
* The return of space bridges, at least in some form.
* The 'Blood of Unicron'. That just sounds so much cooler than 'Dark Energon'.
* Soundwave! Wish he had an actual voice, although laying in the classic vocoder effect over his 'playback' is pretty nifty - that's the kind of fanservice I like: subtle and not slathering it on.
* The movie-esque music score.
* The mountain headquarters.
* The fact that Agent Fowler, at least so far, is being portrayed as a concerned and perhaps rightly agitated representative of his country's leadership as opposed to the stereotypical antagonistic bureaucratic tool like Agent Whatshisface from ROTF (I can't remember his name, I only ever saw ROTF once) - it'd be a bit too weird IMO to hear Winston Zeddemore acting like Walter Peck.

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

* The girl. Swear to Heaven, in one episode she's already made me miss Sari Sumdac.
* The fact that they KILLED OFF THE SINGLE MOST AWESOME VERSION OF CLIFFJUMPER I HAVE EVER SEEN. True, with the Rock voicing him, that should have been seen coming a mile away, but he was so bad*** (unlike that annoying 'lemme at'em' Scrappy-Dooishness from the G1 cartoon)...and he had actual bull's horns.

That last gripe, though, I'm willing to overlook, since it was a critical plot point.

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