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Default Re: ATTENTION: Bootlegged Pics/Videos Are a No-No

Originally Posted by The Lumberjack View Post
I saw the leaked Thor trailer and I was curious as to whether SHH would allow it since it's so widespread and high quality.
As I stated in a different post, would I rather my first, greatly-anticipated movie-Thor experience be from a bootleg trailer online from a relatively small computer screen, or in a darkened movie theater on a 30-ft. wide screen as I munch on buttered popcorn with a Coke, along with a hundred other oooing-and-aaahing spectators who are as fired up to see a big-screen Thor as I am?

Our problem nowadays is that no one wants to wait anymore. We're the instant generation now - instant gratification. Well I'm here to tell you that delayed gratification is usually more satisfying.

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