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Default Re: The New Ultimate DC RPG - Season II: Sign-Up/OOC Thread

Huh, almost missed my cue.

Character Application

.Character you wish to portray: Rick Tyler, CEO of Tyler Chem
.Hero, villain, or walking the line?: Walking the line.
.Powers and physical attributes: None.
.Origin and backstory (as you see it):
Hourman was one of the greatest heroes America came to know during the Second World War. He fought the battle against the Nazi's with the Justice Society of America, both on the homefront and behind enemy lines. Still, Rex Tyler would end up being of far greater importance without the mask than with it. A world renowned biochemist, he changed the face of medical science in the years after the war. His company, Tyler Chem grew to great heights along with Rex.

His sweetheart, Wendy Harris, he married shortly after the war. They didn't have children immediately, Rex being much more concerned with getting his business up and running, while Wendy was satisfied with being pampered by her husband. She didn't need a child. But they got one anyway, during the roaring seventies. What exactly kept the couple young and vital has always been unclear. Was it the Miraclo, the pills that enabled Rex Tyler to be the strongest man in America for an hour at a time? Or was it a villain, that had doused the Justice Society and their loved ones with magical energy?

Either way, Rick was born and both his father and his mother considered him a delight. His father, who had once solved problems with his fists, pushed his son to tackle such things with his brain. And while Rick Tyler never grew up to be a great chemist, he turned out to be a shrewd businessman. He quickly rose through the ranks of the company to join his father at his side, until finally replacing him.

Now, Rick Tyler is the CEO of Tyler Chem. He is a single man in his forties, accustomed to wealth and the privileges that go with it. He is running a succesful business in New York City, the Big Apple. He's on the top of the world.

But how did he get there? Batches of doctored Miraclo powered the Rogues that now plague Central City. And then there's pure Miraclo, being sold on the streets of Gotham, giving junkies and pushers alike more power than they can or should handle.

Hmm, the shrewd businessman indeed.

.The burning question - Why this character?: Good question. I've got my reasons. Seriously though, Rick Tyler was honestly someone that came out of left field for me. I was going to apply as Jason Bard. Then I got to talking with Byrd and MB and things changed. Rick Tyler is a cool character in the regular DCU, I like him. The concept of his character and Miraclo fitted in with a story I wanted to tell. So, Rick it was.

.How will this version of your character differ from others? How will it be Ultimate?: There's quite a few differences with the regular Rick Tyler: A) he's older, B) his past is quite different, C) he's much more white collar than blue collar, D) he's not Hourman, E) he's an *******. And if that ain't Ultimate, I don't know what is.

.What do you believe you can bring to the RPG?: A good story, a lasting contribution to this (season of the) RPG, just by establishing some history and some characters. Beyond that, I'd like to think I can bring some good writing to the group and being able to meet the high bar of quality that has already been set.

.Provide a short sample post as your desired character, in three paragraphs or more:
"Hey, dad." Rick Tyler shuffled some papers around on his desk while he picked up the phone with his free hand.
"Yeah, no, I'm doing fine..." he trailed off as he held up a particular piece of paper up to scrutinize. There was a graph drawn on it, with a sharp line heading diagonally downwards. "Yeah, business is going good too."
To his relief, Rick noticed the up side down lettering and rotated the paper, which presented a decidedly more positive image of Tyler Chem's annual profits.
"How's mom?"
He put the graph down and picked up his agenda.
"No, I can't make it to lunch then. The Chinese delegation will be here."
Rick flipped through the pages, each day was packed full with board meetings, lunches and the occasional golf match.
"Well, tell her I love her and I'll make it up to her soon. Hmm, what's that?" Rick got up, turning to the window. The sun was starting to set over the Big Apple and while he hated working late, this sight of the New York skyline made up for some of those long hours. Certainly was one of the perks of being a CEO. Best office in the (thirty stories) building.
"Oh, hey, mom. Yeah, I can't make it, I just told dad."
Rick turned back to his desk, looking at the photo of him and his parents sitting on it, framed and all. It was taken a few years back, when his father had retired and handed over the reins of the business to him. There was a little hourglass on the desk too, the gift Rick had gotten when he was officially made head of the company.
"Yes, me and Jesse are fine," he said, smiling. "You didn't have me until you were well into your forties."
From the hourglass, his eyes slid over the thick folder on his desk. The front page read: "Miraclo, phase II". He picked it up, weighing it in his hands and then laughed as his mother said something.
Looking at the file in his hand, he said: "Well, you'd be surprised what modern technology can accomplish these days."

.Preferred roster pic? (No preference, and one will be chosen for you):

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