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Default News & Discussion Thread

It may be too early since the movie is still in pre-production but I'd figure just open a thread so when a upcoming news pop we could post it here and also to discuss about the movie. Well since it's dry on the news I'd figure I could start a discussion.

Now for me it's quite odd that I should say that I'm looking forward to a sequel to Origins considering that it was disappointed but the news alone of Aronofsky coming onboard to direct was enough for me to get quite frankly, stoked. He's one of the greatest modern director and the news of Chris McQuarrie is doing script I'm beginning to get optimistic, not to mention it also won't connect to Origins. Now it's still Fox behind it but hopefully they learned that they shouldn't interfere that much and let Aronofsky do his thing and we will end up getting a fantastic film.

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