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Default Batman After Nolan

From io9:
What do you think will come after Nolan's last Batman film?

From IGN:
Where Should Batman Go When Nolan Leaves?
As eager as we are to see The Dark Knight Rises, we know that when that day comes, it's gonna be bittersweet. It will be bittersweet because that movie will mark the last time Chris Nolan directs a Batman film.

That sound you hear are fanboys everywhere taking a collective puff on their inhalers, preparing for a day when the world will still need Batman, but Nolan may not. What Nolan and his filmmaking team did with Gotham's Dark Knight changed things - forever. The filmmaker took his inspired story sense that made Memento and Insomnia work, applied it to the DC Universe, and elevated the comic book movie to the type of thing that earns Oscar nominations and wins. Batman Begins' tested the "reboot" waters and now that movie's model is one we've seen applied to other reboots, such as James Bond's Casino Royale. The Dark Knight spoiled us on what a great movie can be and changed the way Hollywood makes sequels.
From Bloomberg Businessweek:
After Harry Potter, Warner Seeks a New Hero

Originally Posted by Michael White
"We're doing our best to get the DC properties lined up like airplanes taking off from the runway," Horn says. Several projects based on DC Comics *superheroes are under way.

In June 2011, Warner will release its Green Lantern movie, which stars Ryan Reynolds as a test pilot with superpowers. The studio is also developing a Superman film, more Batman installments, and movies based on vintage action heroes Wonder Woman, the Flash, Green Arrow, and Aquaman, Horn says.

From Variety:
Warner Bros. promotes Amit Desai to DC post - Studio vet named senior VP of franchise mgmt.
Originally Posted by Dave McNary
Warner Bros. has promoted veteran exec Amit Desai to the newly created post of senior VP of franchise management for DC Entertainment.

Desai, who's been working at Warner Home Video, will develop and implement the individual franchise plans for Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and The Flash along with Mad Magazine, Vertigo titles and other DC properties. "This will include driving wider cross-promotional support across all Time Warner divisions," the announcement noted.

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