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Default Re: Transformers: Prime

Originally Posted by nogap87 View Post
The only thing I find boring is the enemies they fight. The Eradicons look cool but they're just henchmen.
I don't know how much better they'll be than the Eradicons, but there are apparently at least two more Decepticons on the way, Knockout and Breakdown, and Breakdown's already been in the prequel comic (Adam Baldwin will be voicing him on the show). In the comic:

Originally Posted by tfwiki
Breakdown was on Earth when he received Starscream's signal. He found the air commander buried under rubble by a little Autobot, and promptly pummeled him. An even smaller blue Autobot shot at Breakdown, pleasing him because it meant he was going to kill two Autobots today. At Starscream's insistence, he got him out of the rubble and they began chasing and shooting at the Autobots, finally cornering them and overwhelming them with his missile launcher. As they lay dying, and Starscream was about to finish them, Optimus Prime got the jump on him, and shot Breakdown into the face of the mountainside, causing him to flee and fight another day.

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