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Default Re: Transformers: Prime

I like the show so far. Megatron and Starscream are evil SOBs. Kids weren't as annoying as I thought they would be, but Miko needs to turn it down a notch. And it really took balls for them to kill off such a recognizable character in the first episode. I'm on the fence about Soundwave. One the one hand, I don't really like his design, him not having a face or not talking, on the other hand, it really adds to his ominousness. I especially liked when he took the picture of the kids for some reason.

Things I don't really like:
Bumblebee not talking. I was cute in the first movie. Let's move on.
Cybertron being a dead world.
12 year old kids being expert computer hackers.

My hopes:
I hope the series doesn't drag it's feet. I felt like TF: Animated did and I lost interest half way through the first season. I hope we get more Transformers and quickly, but not new character made for the show. I will get pretty boring watching the same 5 Autobots fighting the same 3 Decepticons and a bunch of drones every episode. And I hope the Zombie Transformers aren't a running theme though out the series. It was a nice idea for the mini-series, but I don't want this to become Transformers meets The Walking Dead.

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