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Default Re: Favreau's Mandarin Choices Revealed.

I'd say tech with at least allusions to their alien origin but with Mandarin pulling it all off like an illusionist/magician type of personality(think Mysterio but on a far grander scale). Thus he really doesn't have any magic/sorcery what so ever(same as it's always been in the comics with the possible exception of all that mystic martial arts/chi stuff....which I'd leave out entirely*) but he still has the flavor of it.

*I mean leave out the chi/mystical part, not the martial arts mastery. That can stay if it fits.

And this is how he keeps himself from being challenged by his underlings in his worldwide Ten Rings terrorist/espionage organization. He's acutely aware that he needs to appear to be more than just a guy with some fancy tech(alien or otherwise) and this allows his to keep his Keyser Soze-esque quasi-mythological status among the underworld.

Now hitting all these character beats will be mighty difficult but I have faith in Favs & co. even if I did like IM2 a little bit less than IM1.

2015 will not only see the MCU beat the HP franchise for the #1 WW spot but it will also see Marvel Studios pass Pixar in terms of WW grosses($8.585 billion). Marvel Studios/MCU avg. annual profit: $621m(there ain't none higher. HP was the closest runner up with $541m when it was active).

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