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Default Re: A New Director After Nolan?

Originally Posted by jamesCameronOnl View Post
I think Noan can squeeze Freeze and Clayface after major remodeling of the characters. Hey, I couldnt think of how can he adjust Joker into our world yet with a big makeover he did. If he got Joker in, he can bring anybody in. Dont forget he already adjusted an immortal warlock and a white skinned clown. He can fit anybody in
But those changes included making the immortal warlock mortal. And making the white skinned clown....not white skinned.

But all of the principle aspects of the characters remained.

How would Clayface work? Clayface is inherently a fantasy based character. Based on his motivations and his actions.

Same for Man-Bat. He changed Ra's from immortal to mortal. But how could be alter someone like Man-Bat? By taking away his bat powers and transformation? Herein lies the difference. The unrealistic aspects of Ra's and Joker can easily be taken away and the core of the characters remain. This is not the case with Clayface or Man-Bat. However I do agree Freeze could be altered and fit nicely. But Nolan has already nixed the idea.

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