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Default Re: How do we avoid the third act curse?

Originally Posted by Joker View Post
So you were saying that because Nolan has made a string of successful movies, that means studios will lay off him and let him do his own thing?
I'm saying it's more likely they will. Singer proved that whatever he did to make "X-Men" fly with audiences (admittedly over some dissent) could NOT carry over to Superman. Raimi did come into the Spider-Man project largely untested & unproven. His resume consisted of, what, some low-budget cult horror movies, "Darkman" and a couple of dramas? It probably doesn't help that fans were second-guessing every move he made from day one. And even when the movies made money, we still got a relentless barrage of Power Ranger references, Man-Spider cracks and complaints about Kirsten. It was almost like people were willing to pay money just to trash the film. At least that's how many made it seem. And in-between the Spidey films, he just did more horror flicks, none of which exactly set the world on fire. And apart from him, I have NEVER heard of a studio pressuring a director to throw in a character that he didn't want to use. So either noone else has had it happen to them or it was kept under wraps. Nolan, on the other hand, has the general perception of being able to piss platinum-with Batman fans and the GA alike-and odds are, more than likely, WB will leave him alone & let him do his own thing. They have no reason not to.

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