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Default Re: Details for the Superman Returns Sequel That Never Was (From Michael Dougherty)

Originally Posted by Mostpowerful View Post
I agree for the most part, I just can't see Superman killing his own son. That's just totally wrong/too dark for a Superman film. I'm pretty sure a similar storyline could work but without killing a child. Superman is hope after all, he should be able to find a way to save his son and the world at the same time.

But yeah, I would have loved a sequel like that, and most of all, I just really wanted Brandon back as Superman in another film because he's perfect in the part.
That part I do have a problem with, although I understand the connection they were trying to get at with it (Jesus/God).
But the rest of it sounds pretty great. We have to remember, it was just an outline. Ideas and storylines radically change in the script writing phase.

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